Q. Do I have to order fabric or supplies and send it to you?

A. No, I will take care of getting all the supplies needed.



Q. How much do your diapers cost?

A. Check out my quote calculator to get an estimate of how much a commission will cost.

Quote Calculator



Q. How long does take to finish a commission?

A. Typically, I can construct and ship a commission within 2 to 3 weeks! Graphic designed diapers are printed to order which may add an additional 2 to 3 weeks to completion of your commission.



Q. Can I order more than 1 diaper at a time?

A. Yes. At this time I am allowing people to place orders for multiple commissions. Just be sure to fill out a separate form for each commission you want.



Q. Do you sell templates of your designs?

A. No.



Q. Can you make the diaper thicker than 7 layers?

A. Yes, I can make a thicker diaper but I don’t recommend it if you wish to use the diaper as a functional diaper. Consider that the thicker the diaper gets the harder it is to clean out all the urine. This also means that the diaper will have excessive dry times–too thick, the diaper will be impossible to clean and dry out.

I recommend purchasing a 7 layer diaper with a 7 layer booster core if you wish the diaper to be functional while also being very absorbent.

Alternatively, I could make the diaper as thick as you like using other materials, such as pillow stuffing, to make a non-functional diaper for appearance and thickness.



Q. Do you make diapers for fursuits?

A. Yes! Fill the form out and select the most appropriate options. I will contact you after you have submitted the form to go over the next step of the process. Make sure to indicate on the form that this diaper is for a fursuit!



Q. What is the capacity of your diapers?

A. The 7 layer Waddle Butt diaper by itself is comparable to a premium ABDL disposable diaper. Add the 7 layer booster to the diaper and the diaper’s capacity will go far beyond any disposable on the market and would last most people more than 14 hours of use!