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Introducing the World’s First Full Graphic Design Adult Cloth Diapers!

I’ve done it!!!

I’ve always wanted an adult diaper to look more like a “diaper”; We are literally in The Diaper Renaissance, yet there’s no one on Earth that’s making a diaper look like what I’ve always envisioned a diaper should look like. We are over-due for a design change so I’ve taken matters into my own hands and figured it out so I could share my ideas with the world.

These diapers are stunning. Every inch of the design is carefully planned out so it fits perfectly onto my cloth diapers. Commission me for a Full Graphic Designed Waddle Butt Cloth Diaper and experience first hand how a beautiful design can enhance the magic feels when wearing your Waddle Butt cloth diaper.



MY Products

Waddle Butt Cloth Diapers, Boosters, and plastic pants

Waddle Butt Cloth Diapers are 7 layers thick, 100% cotton, and skillfully crafted.

They can be worn for thickness, they work great as a cover over disposables, or wear them with a booster and plastic pants for the ultimate cloth diaper experience.

Cloth Diaper Features

“safety STraps” Diaper Mitts, Booties, and Restraints

“Safety Straps” diaper mitts, booties, and restraints are made with the same materials and craftsmanship I make my Waddle Butt Cloth Diapers.

They are secure and comfortable, even for long periods.

“Safety Straps” Features



Diaper lover, crafter, and Artist

I love diapers, I love working with my hands, and I love sharing good things with the ABDL community. When I realized I could naturally combine my three passions, I felt like the universe was telling me I needed to make diapers for the world.

My hope is that the work I do now will expand to more than making just diapers. I feel like this is the beginning of something great. I have so many ideas for so many other products, designed in ways that just aren’t being done by anyone.

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