Hey, I’m ferix!

I’m a super chill, nice guy, living in the Seattle area. I’ve had a secret love for diapers for as long as I can remember.

I worked as an EMT in Seattle for 14 years before I realized what my true calling had been all along; crafting diapers! 

My passion for diapers far exceeds anything else. I can’t stop thinking about them because they’re great!

Accepting Diapers

I can’t explain why I like to wear diapers, but I do. I like that they are secure, comfy and soft. It has been a life long struggle to accept these desires, especially when it’s not socially acceptable to wear diapers unless there’s a medical need.

As time went on, my desires only grew stronger. I let diapers creep into my life more and more. The more I wore diapers, the more I realized I needed to be in them.


why do I feel this way?

The need to be in diapers is profound and undeniable. The urge to wear is like a sound that doesn’t stop, a call that I must answer, an itch I must scratch; it’s always there and never stops. My soul aches because I have control, and I wish I didn’t.

When I understood that my feelings about diapers are here to stay, I needed to change…


a new life

I realized that diapers were a means for me to be myself; by wearing diapers, I could act and live as if I had no control.

I had new motivation and with my then boyfriend now husband wearing 24/7, I was compelled to go 24/7 as well. So on 4/7/17, I started wearing diapers all the time.

It was liberating. It felt natural. I changed the way I thought about diapers; no longer do I wear diapers because I like them, I wear diapers because I believe that I need them–because I need to live as though I have no control.


Time to be myself!

Since going 24/7, I’ve been finding more and more ways to add diapers to my life.

My favorite thing to do is share my passion for diapers with others. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, meeting new people, or inspiring others to accept their diapers, I hope to be an example to those, inside and outside of the community, that diapers are cool and it’s okay to wear them if you want.




Super Special Sewing Macine

Every diaper I make has one very important thing in common: it’s put together with my super special sewing machine! This machine has been in my family for generations and was originally my grandma’s sewing machine that she used to make clothing for my dad when he was a kid!

My grandma gave it to me on loan over a decade ago. Having it around gave me the itch to sew and with my passion for diapers as strong as it was, it only felt natural to craft my own cloth diapers.

Because of this machine, I was able to start crafting diapers and people noticed. One person in particular was so interested, he met me on a whim to talk about my cloth diapers. 3 years later we were married! I now have the most amazing husband and a business that I love running because of this machine!

So grandma, if you’re reading this, I know you said the machine was on loan, but I’ve kinda sorta become attached to it and maybe… if you’re okay with it… I can hold onto it forever.