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Having trouble finding fabrics? Check out my inventory of fabrics to see if any of those work for you! Fabrics I have in inventory are charged at a $12 flat rate fee, no matter how many prints and colors you want to use! This $12 fee only covers the fabric that’s built onto the shell of the diaper. Additional labor fees may apply. Some fabrics, such as licensed fabrics in my inventory, may cost extra.




Ferix's Hand Crafted Waddle Butt Cloth Diapers
Sarting at $155
Choose the size that matches your actual waist size measurement; do not base your choice by what size you get with disposable diapers alone. *Custom size pricing may vary
Submit waist size for custom sized diapers. It's recommended you submit your waist size if this is your first Waddle Butt Cloth Diaper.
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